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A New Social Network For Trading Competitions: Betomania Trading Tournament

Seen about the latest craze for online trading?

Well, in case you haven’t let us give you a cutting edge update! What you’re on the verge of find out is truly a game-changer for anyone who is tired of plain old binary options trading. Why waste your time and efforts trying to win big through traditional online trading when you can have a seat on the winner’s table and enjoy a fantastic experience? Luckily for you, that’s all possible thanks to Betomania!
Betomania is a revolutionary trading tool that is unlike none other! Why? Because this is a world’s first ever current social trading tournament the fact that takes social betting to the whole new level! What level, might you ask? Global! You can play against hundreds of several other real-life traders from across the globe and win big!
Should you be interested in finding out more about

Betomania Trading Tournament

, check out it may be main features and strengths!
It’s 100% safe and secure: Betomania Trading Tournament takes safety and security very seriously, which is why the whole website and platform are actually fully protected from hacker attacks. This means you can feel comfortable that your data and income are safe!

It is entirely managed and licensed:

You might question whether this is a scam or not, since all that it promises is indeed amazing. Well, the brief and simple answer is: It is not a scam. In fact , Betomania is familiar with the laws by the Malta Gaming Power (MGA) and by the SSL Gambling Commission.

You can gain big: All it takes can be described as one to three minute match and you can win up to 1000% return! Furthermore, this forex trading tool was designed in a system that forex trade signals facilitates winning. Because of this with a little focus plus some strategy, you can win big in a short amount of time!

It’s altogether free:

Book now

is definitely free, but not for very long. In order to secure a place within the table, go to the official web page and join. Free trial accounts are limited!

All things considered, Betomania Trading Tournament is truly a game-changer for the binary forex trading industry.
So what are you waiting for? Start taking part in and win big!

Real Players. Authentic Jackpots.
Be a part of the planet's rst
ever real-time

share trading social network tournaments

and clearly show 1000s of world gamers who's in demand

Ways to Engage in Betomania
Observe the video and then adhere to these five uncomplicated methods to
find out how to play Betomania in minutes!

Want to present it a free try?
Now you know how to Engage in, () obtain our Application. We've got absolutely free
tournaments so that you can play on a daily basis! Later on, stop by our web site
and read tips to sharpen your playing abilities.

Move 1 - Decide on & enter a recreation
Choose your match form In line with size, range of rounds, jackpot sum or asset kind (like Fb, Google, or gold,
by way of example).

Phase 2 - Place your bets!
Procedures the number of chips you wish to place Initially of each and every round. Go for it!

Move 3 - Up or down?
You have a few times to make a decision within the direction of your asset. Will it go up or down? Decide on wisely!

Action 4 - Let the video games start!
Once you have produced your prediction, the sport round commences. The graph will show Stay movement of your asset, since the
market moves.

Stage 5 - Check out your winnings!
Following Each individual round, you could see how you did. Should you received, you will have the chips with which you bet "doubled up." Score!
The participant with one of the most chips at the end of The full sport is the winner!

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